Many thanks to businesses and business owners who listened, and contributed, to my Health & Safety presentation in Walsall this morning.

Intention was to revisit general points to assist all with their compliance drive.

The initial question was: What does Health & Safety mean to you as an employer, employee, contractor or worker?

Hopefully, by the end of the presentation, which included a host of 2019 HSE Health & Safety stats to apply a little context, all were better able to answer the question.

The talk ended with a mention of ISO 45001. I was asked if the Standard fits all businesses. My answer was ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

‘Yes’ because the standard can be implemented by any business, regardless of function/service or size. But ‘No’ because ISO 45001 simply would not be beneficial for every business to outlay the cost of developing a more sophisticated management system.

There has to be a commercial driver prompting top management to implement.