The Health & Safety Executive has fined a consultant for providing ‘incompetent heath and safety advice’.

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It is important for businesses to appreciate that H&S covers a multitude of disciplines, and rarely will you find a consultant competent in every single area. They just do not exist.

In words of ‘Dirty Harry’ (Clint Eastwood in Magnum Force, 1973): “A man (or woman) has got to know his (or her) limitations.”

Until training, experience and competence permits, we must stay in our lane. The consequences of being blinded by dollar signs could be life-changing for third parties being offered advice. I for one rarely touch ‘construction’ unless it is a low, low level CDM requirement. I refer to a specialist in that field.

I would encourage all to ask questions of your consultant. What are their areas of focus? Who are their current customers? Which sectors? Ask to see relevant qualifications, and validate them.

Doing due diligence is part and parcel of a robust management system.