The HSE has published its annual report on workplace fatal injuries.

The document is available from

Period covered is 2019-20. The data is provisional at present and won’t be confirmed/finalised until 2021, but precedent suggests the figures will be on the money.

The headline figure is death of 111 workers for period concerned, with a further 92 members of the public killed due to work related activities.

The report details injuries by industry, types of accident, age demographic, regional variances, draws comparisons with our European neighbours and speculates on the impact that COVID-19 has had.

For context purposes, the workers death toll was 149 in the previous period and is the lowest annual number on record. In 1999-00 the figure was 220, in 1981 it was 495. It would be incorrect, however, to naturally assume that there has been a significant positive shift in workplace safety based on one year’s data. There are a number of other factors to consider.

The construction and agriculture (including foresty and fishing) sectors continue to account for the majority of recorded GB fatalities.