Given that we remain firmly in the grip of COVID19, it is entirely plausible that certain health & safety protocols may slip down some organisational priority lists.

Plausible, yes. Acceptable, no. We must keep an eye on the big picture.

With mitigation required to deal with the pandemic, ‘risk assessment’ has become an essential part of our nation’s vernacular, and hurrah for that!

But the scope of RA does not begin and end with COVID19. Your additional control measures will undoubtedly have introduced new hazards into the workplace. Is this reflected in your management system in general, and your RAs specifically?

Fire Risk Assessments are often overlooked by businesses and they are a legal requirement (the five or more employee rule applies, or if working on licence, for documentation purposes) under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRFSO).

The five basic stages of Fire RA are:

  • Hazard identification;
  • Identification of those people at risk;
  • Assessment and action (in terms of hierarchy of control);
  • Recording of mitigation, planning and identification of any training requirements;
  • Process review.

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